Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation requests must be submitted to us by email info@floris.ca

Orders for pickup and delivery must be cancelled at least 36 hours prior to the day of scheduled pickup and delivery date. An store credit will be issued for your use towards your next order.

If you need to cancel an order that is scheduled to be delivered within 36 hours of when you contact us, you can request an address change in order to have your order delivered to another recipient or location.

Unfortunately no refunds will be available for orders scheduled to be delivered within 36 hours of when you reach out to cancel, as the flowers required will have already been purchased and the arrangement may already have been designed.

Refund Policy:
We are committed to providing you with the best quality and design, but due to the delicate nature of plants and flowers and the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, we offer store credit or replacements only.

We guarantee our flowers to thrive for 48 hours after flowers have been received, if following the instructions on the care card. Given that flowers are perishable, some individual stems will outlast others, which is normal.

For cut flowers and fresh flower arrangements, we offer partial refunds for the value of the affected stems or replacement of the affected stems and not the entire bouquet, may be issued. Please send an email to info@floris.ca with a description of the issue and a photo within 48 hours of receiving your order.

For orchids, green plants and succulents we offer store credit or replacements if an issue arises within 14 days of receiving your order. Please send an email to info@floris.ca with a description of the issue and a photo for us to consider your request.

For damaged product, a photo must be sent to info@floris.ca shortly after delivery has been successful (within 8 hours of the arrival) for credit requests or exchanges.

Refunds are only issued in the form of an in-store credit to the customer for use towards future orders.


ContactlessDelivery Policy:Covid 19 Update

Our goal is always an efficient and successful delivery. Please do your best to ensure that your recipient or someone is available in order to accept the delivery at the address provided to receive the flowers and always include recipient phone number(s).

By using our delivery service, you agree to give our drivers permission to exercise their best professional judgement as whether or not your perishable gift can be safely left at the delivery address should no one be there to receive them. We cannot hold liability for the flowers from this point on.

Delivery Times for Regular Service are as follows:

Residence: 11am-6:30pm
Business/Hospital: 11am-5pm
School: 11am-3pm

Funeral Homes: Delivery a minimum of 2 hours prior to visitation/service. These orders are our very highest priority. If you have ordered too late to make the funeral service we will call to let you know quickly so that you can make other arrangements or have something sent to the home of the family.

During major holidays such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc, we operate extended hours and delivery times are 7am-8pm.

Weekend Delivery Policy: If we are unable to arrange for delivery on Sunday and time permits we will setup for delivery on Saturday, including Birthday and Anniversaries. Can’t go wrong with getting a jump start on the celebrations!

Delivery toHomes: If the recipient is not home, we will leave the package at the front/side/back door pending there is a safe location and the weather is appropriate (we do not leave anything if the temperature is -0C or +26C). Alternatively, we might leave the flowers with a close neighbour. We will then notify the recipient via call/text where the package has been left.

Delivery to Buildings: Recipient will be called to come downstairs and meet at front desk/lobby. If the recipient is unable to cannot come down due to accessibility/health conditions, we will make an exception and bring the delivery to their door.

If a security person or concierge is obligated to receive the flowers on the recipients behalf, we cannot accept responsibility for the flowers from this point on, as the security person/concierge assumes that responsibility.

Delivery to Businesses: Should the recipient not be available or is not there, we will leave the flowers with a co-worker or colleague who can guarantee that the flowers will find their way to the recipient safely.

Re-Delivery: If it’s not safe to leave outside, we will contact the recipient and reattempt the delivery later that day, or the next day. An additional charge will apply for a reattempt on a different day.

Incorrect Address: If the recipient's address is incorrect and delivery was attempted to the address, there is a $15 address correction fee. Floris Flower Co is not responsible for deliveries made to incorrect addresses submitted to us by the customer. If such a delivery is made, the customer assumes responsibility for the entire purchase.