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Sexy Valentine's Day florals for your sweetheart
Playing Cupid? String your bow with a luxurious bouquet from Floris. This Valentine's Day, arm yourself with a gorgeous arrangement of opulent Valentines roses, our signature European hand-tied bouquets or delicate tulips...whatever you choose will be sure to hit the bulls-eye!l
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Roses, Roses & More Roses
We are proud to offer the very BEST Ecuadorian roses available on the market, today. Unlike other common lower-grade roses, our roses open fully, are lush with petals & the heads are truly ENORMOUS! Only the best of the best, that you've come to expect from Floris. 

These beautiful roses come in different stem lengths and they are available in many colours. If you have a specific special colour in mind please let us know. 

*Colours are subject to availability.
Pretty in pink! Pink ranunculus, Green skimmia, mauve lisianthus, dutch tulips and aubergine tea leaves are handtied and beautifully wrapped for your love 
$95 - as shown
$125 - upgraded
A dozen premium long-stem Ecuadorian red freedom roses in a clean banana leaf-lined embellished with tropical foiliage aincluding Monstera leaves.
14" cylinder vase. Overall 36" high
$165 (as shown)    
$265 - two dozen
12 long stem pink roses hand-tied & framed with salal & aspidistra leaves 

$125 (as shown)
*available in many rose colours & varieties
Sweet Dreams - Bright, colour-saturated bouquet with unique accent blooms for a modern monochromatic scheme.

$85 - as shown
our signature cube arrangements are a gorgeous gift for that special someone... monochromatic tones in your colour choice $95-$125 ea
Bountiful parrot tulips framed in deep fuchsia cordyline leaves. Simple, classic & stunning


*other tulip colours avaialble
20 premium long stem Ecuadorian red freedom roses hand-tied & framed with rolled aspidistra 

$225 (as shown)    Dozen - $125     1/2 Dozen - $75    Single $12
violet Ecuadorian roses with dutch tulips accented with aspidistra leaves arranged tightly in a 5x5 cube vase

24 Ecuadorian assorted pink roses tightly-knit in a 6x6 vase (round shown here, may substitute for cube)

Dipped in Pink - A dozen beautifully bound premium Ecuadorian roses are framed in seeded eucalyptus and rosemary $145
3 dozen rich red Ecuadorian long-stem roses bountifully arranged in a large cylindrical vase

Vibernium, roses and hydrangeas beautifully arranged in a 6” banana leaf-lined glass cube vase. It measures approximately 12” by 14”

Yellow-orange Ecuadorian roses, white orchids, and white hydreagea tightly bound in a square, gold metallic vase. Approx. 12"-14" tall **we no longer have this container, a comparable substitution will be used

This classic pave of red roses seems so beautiful just on their own….but add silver coloured vase and you have a piece that really makes a statement! This would be stunning with candlelight.

$195 as shown   
$125 smaller version
6 Premium Ecuadorian red roses, parrot tulips embellished with salal & exotic foliage  in a 5'x5' banana leaf-lined glass cube
(stands at 11" x11")

Striking white Ecuadorian roses, lush Hydrangea, and long-lasting green Cymbidiums beam with style and class, accented with steel grass and dark Cotineus leaves

Champagne Ecuadorian roses framed with blue hydrangeas all handtied with salal. Very French classic

16 long stemmed Ecquadorian Red Roses spraying out of a corset of  cymbidium blossoms pays homage to that special someone in a very extravagant way. Approx 24-26” tall.

Brilliant White Ecuadorian roses, white hydrangea, Cymbidium Orchids tightly arranged in a low ti leaf-lined glass cube vase. Approx. 12" x 11"

approx 50 Dutch tulip stems surrounded by aspidistra and tea leaves in a white cylinder or cubed 6"x6" glass vase. 

As shown $150    Small version $95
Rich Black Baccarat Ecuadorian Roses, Tropical Antheriums, fluffy white hydrangeas adorned with monstera leaves & steel grass all sleekly arranged in a glass banana-leaf lined vase  $195

Floris' signature European hand-tied in sexy reds, plums & burgundy seasonal blooms including Ecuadorian roses, calla lilies, velvety celosia & cordyline leaves
$145 as shown  (bouquets start at $50)
White lilies framed by snowy white hydrangeas in a large cylindrical vase $225
Bella of the Ball is a beautifully fragrant, feminine and delicate arrangement comprised of roses, ranunculus and fragrant hyacinths.

$135 as shown
$100 smaller version
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1670 Avenue Road,  Toronto, Ontario M5M 3Y1 | tel: 416.222.8080  1.800.985.2025
We Deliver across the GTA

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1670 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 3Y1 | tel: 416.222.8080  1.800.985.2025

We Deliver across the GTA