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A Celebration of Life 
Expressions of bereavement that convey dignity & respect are our forte. Having worked closely with a number of family owned & operated funeral homes in our community for years, we are versed in the funeral & memorial process and are experts at sympathy flowers.

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"Eternal Love" one of our signature tightly wound vase arrangements. Classic all white & green is always a great choice. Comprised of roses, hydreangeas & cymbidium orchids. Simply stunning. Appox 11"x11". $125
"Quiet Serenity" - Beautiful mauve, green & white blooms including show white & green hydrangeas, dahlias and seasonal blooms. Approx 19"h x 12"w - $150
"Eternal Memories" glass banana leaf-lined glass vase brimming with dahlias, roses, hasta leaves & hypericum berries. Approx 14"h x 12"w. $165
"Peaceful Remembrance" 
This exquisite combination of whites, creams and green hydrangeas, Casablanca lilies, roses, lisianthus and seasonal fresh flowers are all beautifully arranged in a large footed vase. Appox 36"x36".  $275
"Sweet Memories" - A grand lush vase filled with bountiful blooms such as white & blue hydrangeas, purple agapanthus, Ecuadorian white roses, white orchids and tropical monstera leaves. Banana-leaf lined cylindrical vase. Approx 36"h x 24"w $295
"Quiet Farewell" 
This exquisite combination of orange, yellow and green florals comprised of hydrangeas, lilies, roses, gerberas, bells of Ireland and seasonal fresh flowers are all beautifully arranged in a large footed vase. Appox 36"x36". $250
Simplicity - An over sized lily glass lined rosebowl brimming with snowy white hydrangeas. Classic, elegant and timeless. Approx 24"x24". $150
"Classic Elegance" - All White Blooms in a traditional classic design. Approx 28"h x 24" w - $295 (as shown)
Phalaenopsis Orchid - Our premium Phalaenopsis orchid in moss & river rock-lined vase. Single Stem - $125 Two-stem $165
Warmest memories - Pretty seasonal Spring flowers whimsically arranged in a glass vase Appox. 20"hx16"w - $150
"Pure Serenity" conveys  peacefulness making it an ideal choice for expressing sympathy. This peaceful all white floral arrangement is comprised of flowers including roses, hydrangea, lilies, larkspur and snapdragons. Approx 24" x 18" $195
"Happy Memories"
A bright, blend of seasonal orange flowers and chartreuse green flowers, will surely put a smile on any ones face. Approx 11"x11" $125
"Treasured Memories"
All white and green flowers in a glass cylinder is a classic way to express sympathy.  Appox 11"x11". $125
"Sweet Farewell" oversized round cylinder brimming with green, white & cream blooms. Stunning arrangement of roses, green & white hydrangeas, peonies & calla lilies. Approx 20"h x 18"w
"Eternal Blessing" white & cream arrangement comprised of hydrangeas, irises, stocks, freesia & roses. Approx 24"h x 12"w. $265
"Crimson Spray" - Standing spray of freedom red roses & carnations that sits on an easel. Approx 45" x 20"w.  $295
One of our signature tightly wound vase arrangements. Classic all white & green is always a great choice. Comprised of roses, hydrangeas, ornamental kale & cymbidium orchids. Simply gorgeous. Perfect for a coffee table. Appox 11"x11" $125
"Spring in Bloom" - a tall rectangular banana leaf-lined rectangle vase brimming with viburnum, hyacinth, gerberas, fuji mums & spray roses. Approx 20"h x 12"w. $175
"Classic Tribute" - large basket of bountiful hydrangeas, pink roses, lightly fragrant white stock arranged in a large basket. Approx 30"h x 24" w - $265
"Fond Farewell"
A beautiful and peaceful all white sympathy wreath comprised of flowers such as fragrant lilies, roses hydrangeas and seasonal greens. 
26" - $350 (as shown) 18" - $285
"Heavenly Sweet" Raspberry, pink & mauve seasonal flowers including orchids, ranunculous, peonies, tulips & chartreuse hypericum berries tightly arranged in a banana leaf-lined vase. Appox 16"x16" $150
"Quiet Tribute" standing spray in all white blooms - hydrangeas, roses, stocks & orchids. Approx 45" x 20"w. $295
On the left: "Sentiments of Serenity" all white & cream blooms including gladiolas, Casablanca lilies, roses & delphenium in a glass vase $350  On the right: "Tender Tribute" a low traditional side-table arrangement in the same varieties of blooms $195
"Bleeding Heart" - Large 30" Solid Heart with a spray of ruby red roses $395 (shown here)     Medium 20" $250
"Spring Splendour" opulent snowy white & chartreuse green hydrangeas, buttercream & white dahlias, white roses & acid green cymbidium orchids. Approx 20"h x 18"w. $225
"Loving Memories" Tropical basket of gerberas, acid green fuji mums, red ginger, snapdragons & roses in a basket. 20"h x 15"w. $225
Peace & Tranquility - chartreuse green & white florals comprised of snowy white & chartreuse hydrangeas, green cymbidium orchids, supergreen roses and seasonal foliage. Approx 16"x16" $150
Orange and Yellow Florals in a black cube (may be subsitututed for a leaf-lined glass vase) $150
All White & Green Vase Arrangement  $175
Please give us a call and we will work with you to find an appropriate floral sentiment for expressing sympathy 416-222-8080 or 1-800-985-2025

A Sampling of our Sympathy Arrangements.
All orders are custom made, so it is best to give us a call.
We enclose your personal condolence message - handwritten on a crisp white large sympathy card - or if you prefer, we offer gold lettering on ribbons.

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*please note that because of the nature, seasonality and regional availability of flowers, it is sometimes necessary to make substitutions. We will make every effort to maintain the "look and feel" of the arrangement.
our flowers

1670 Avenue Road,  Toronto, Ontario M5M 3Y1 | tel: 416.222.8080  1.800.985.2025
We Deliver across the GTA

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our flowers

1670 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 3Y1 | tel: 416.222.8080  1.800.985.2025

We Deliver across the GTA
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