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Floris' dynamic duo
Meet Judy & Sarah... 
The mother-daughter design extraordinaires work in wonderful harmony to satisfy a wide scope of floral looks. Judy's 25+ years of infinite floral & interior design knowledge combined with her impeccable taste for classic elegance fuses wonderfully with Sarah's flair for what's edgy & current. 

Meeting the ladies for a consultation usually involves sharing stories about yourselves, and having a few laughs. This may seem laid back and fun (and it IS!), but the girls' wheels are turning from the moment you meet, and they are already starting to put together the pieces to create an event for you that you will never forget. What you see in the ladies is a true respect for their craft. Their innate talent for floral design and décor, combined with passion for life and work leads them to treat your event as their own, from start to finish.

Clients come to Floris for Sarah & Judy's attention to detail, their intuitive understanding of their clients’ specific needs, and their personable style that puts others at ease when they need it most. Their history of work in the Toronto area has kept Floris at the forefront of both what is fashionable and classic in their efforts to personalize an event. Clients have referred to Judy as a “genius,” to Sarah as an “artist,” and as a new friends.
The flowers & plants that you send or receive have been treated, handled and prepared with professional expertise and great care. We have a strict policy to never sell anything short of premium grade or ultra-fresh flowers. We want you to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible, so we send out our blooms as tight as we can. 

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Quality & Freshness
-Pam, Dec 2015
Caring for arrangements
* Check water level on receipt & daily. It should be 1" from the top of vase/container.
* Every couple days, gently pour out the old water from the side of the vase/container and refill with fresh room-temperature tap water.
* Keep away from direct heat and light. 
Delivery Info

Thank you Judy for all the stunning flowers that you've provided my family over the years... whether we were celebrating our daughter's wedding, celebrating my father's life or picking up fresh bouquets for the house... you've always been there for my family through your spectacular flowers   
Flower care
Caring for cut flowers
* Upon arrival, cut flowers 1" on an angle with a sharp knife or clippers 
* Place flowers in room temperature water with Chrysal   * Every 2-3 days, snip a 1/2" off the ends & change the water... your blooms can last up to twice as long!
* Keep away from direct heat and sunlight. 
We use only the highest quality Eco-friendly flowers year-round from local, national & international growers. We also source seasonal flowers & foliage from local Ontario growers. 

Where we can, we opt to not use Oasis foam and arrange our blooms in water.
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